Admissions Coordinator

An unparalleled opportunity for smart, ambitious, and exemplary professionals passionate helping students to study abroad.



HELP students to experience various pre-professional paths through our study abroad programs.

Who is this opportunity for?

We value talent, drive and hard work - We hire outliers, top ambitious, smart and exemplary young professionals interested in business that can bring to our team unique skills and talents. Usually, they have graduated in the top 5% of their degrees and have a history of big contributions, achievements and stories that show extraordinary ambition, smarts and integrity.

What do Admissions Coordinators do?

This position is ideal for Sales Professionals & Admissions Counselors - On our Admissions Team, you will responsible for connecting with and teaching interested students about available programs, answering questions, guiding them through an application process, & focusing on how a Fellowship abroad may fit into each student’s pursuit of a future career. The role incorporates communication, sales, and efficiency, as the majority of work is independently measurable and results are more important than input. Sharpen your sales and relation-building techniques while interviewing and admitting capable students, problem-solving with students and affiliated parties, and encouraging them to find discernment through a life-changing opportunity. Team members are evaluated on the efficiency and quality of their outreach, conversion of students into customers in light of team goals, attitude, and leadership, with success making way for additional opportunities, including leadership potential, additional projects, and promotions.

Who do Admissions Coordinators work with?

We know how important mentorship is - You will be assigned to a manager or mentor that will ensure that you both contribute immensely but learn and grow and develop your interests. Admissions Coordinators also works with our team of world-class individuals in all of our organizations, and specifically a team of other talented members of the Admissions Team.

What are the basic requirements?

  • Completed 4-year Bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university.

  • 0-2 years experience in related fields

  • Good GPA (3.6+) & good SATs (700+) or ACT (30+).

  • Exceptional drive, intelligence, consistent actions of honesty, integrity, & a desire to achieve great things.

  • Candidates should have the following skills: Verbal Communication, Active Listening, Sales, Teamwork, People Skills, Organization, Diligence, Efficiency, Problem-Solving, Motivating Others, Attention to Detail, Professionalism, Ownership, Ability to Learn Quickly

  • Exceptional performance during our intense application & interview process.

What are the responsibilities of an Admissions Coordinator?

  • Organizes and directs student experience by communicating with students and related parties, establishing relationships, and understanding customer needs

  • Evaluate candidate profile and provide thoughtful interviews for prospective students

  • Provides product, logistical, and pricing information by clarifying customer request; selecting appropriate information; forwarding information; answering questions

  • Maintains customer database by inputting customer profile and updates

  • Resolves customer dissatisfactions by investigating concerns; developing solutions; making recommendations to management

  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities

  • Collaborates with Marketing and Operations to optimize for the best student experience

  • Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests

  • Accomplishes department and organization mission by completing related tasks as needed

What does the Admissions Coordinator position offer?

  • Countless opportunities for organized learning, including lunchtime seminars on business & leadership, lectures related to productivity, & skills gyms to improve efficiency. Above all, however, we provide the two largest drivers of learning: great challenges and talent density.

  • Receive market compensation of $45,000 to start + benefits, while building far-greater-than-market human capital through our learning curve.

  • Exceptional performers are considered for promotions, raises, and bonuses after 6 months to continue their professional growth & development.

  • Manage your schedule within our flexible hour policy.

  • Enjoy a community of other talented people who often become good friends & mentors.

  • Operate with responsibility, autonomy, and accountability.

  • Thrive on the extraordinarily high learning curve.

How competitive is the application process?

It is very competitive and most applicants don't get selected. This doesn't mean the candidates not selected are not competent; amazing individuals often do not receive offers. Our review process takes into consideration many variables from academic grades to background, to past work experience, attitude, motivation, references, current company and project situation etc. We only hire a candidate if we think the candidate will benefit from learning with us, and that depends on the company’s current needs.