An unparalleled opportunity for smart, ambitious, and exemplary professionals passionate about business.




Who is this opportunity for?

We value talent, drive and hard work - We hire outliers, top ambitious, smart and exemplary young professionals interested in business that can bring to our team unique skills and talents. Usually, they have graduated in the top 5% of their degrees and have a history of big contributions, achievements and stories that show extraordinary ambition, smarts and virtue.

This position is ideal for Business Generalists/Entrepreneurs - Many excellent people want to do business but don't really know in which field or role specifically. On our team, you will be exposed to the big picture of business and will be asked to contribute in different roles that will allow you to grow and build skills you will be able to use all your life.

We know how important mentorship is - You will be assigned to a manager or mentor that will ensure that you both contribute immensely but learn and grow and develop your interests.

Who do Associates work with?

The Associate works directly under the supervision and mentorship of a senior manager. Together, they develop new organizations from the ground up, devising a strategic plan and validating a business/non-profit thesis, building products, and acquiring customers. The Associate is able to learn from the guidance of his or her teammates and thrive on the steep learning curve that accompanies helping a new organization grow, along side our team of world-class individuals.

Meet the Saffron Ventures Incoming Associates:

Saffron Ventures will be welcoming an incredible cohort of new Associates in August 2019. In the midst of the fiercest market for talent in the last decade, the majority of these new Associates accepted offers with Saffron Ventures 11 months in advance of college job offer season. They have excellent professional profiles, several near-perfect SAT scores and near-perfect undergraduate GPAs, making them competitive candidates at top companies, including the biggest global consulting firms. Moreover, two of them were past interns with Saffron Ventures and thus know exactly what we offer & value as a company. All of them are exemplary people of integrity with a team-work mindset, and we can't wait to have on the team.

Luke Cannon

University of Notre Dame


Laura Cermak

Christendom College


Nicholas Leaver

University of Virginia


Carolyn Manion

Stanford University

What are the basic requirements?

  • A bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university.

  • High GPA (3.8+) & high SATs (750+) or ACT (33+).

  • Exceptional drive, intelligence, consistent actions of integrity, honesty and virtue, & a desire to achieve great things.

  • Exceptional performance during our intense application & interview process.

What do Associates do?

Associates aid in the growth of venture concepts into viable companies or nonprofits. A successful Associate may eventually grow into the role of Founder CEO or continue to experience professional growth in other areas of the company. The associate wears many hats and may therefore work in areas as diverse as marketing, operations, product/market fit research, and sales. In order to be successful in the role of associate, applicants should be flexible and excited for a challenge. 

What does the Associate position offer?

  • Countless opportunities for organized learning, including lunchtime seminars on business & leadership, lectures related to productivity, skills gyms to improve efficiency, and courses like Wall Street Prep to set you up for success. Learning continues with 7:00am reading groups, enrichment activities in Washington, D.C., and a community of other talented people who are often good friends. But above all, we provide the two largest drivers of learning: great challenges and talent density.

  • Ignite the potential of vetted business ideas (both for and non-profit) that could become long term businesses and lead their development into sustainable ventures.

  • Thrive on the extraordinarily high learning curve.

  • Operate with responsibility, autonomy, and accountability.

  • Be surrounded by extremely talented people.

  • Enjoy market compensation and benefits, while building far-greater-than-market human capital through our learning curve.

How competitive is the application process?

It is very competitive and most applicants don't get selected. This doesn't mean the candidates not selected are not competent; amazing individuals often do not receive offers. Our review process takes into consideration many variables from academic grades to background, to past work experience, attitude, motivation, references, current company and project situation etc. We only hire a candidate if we think the candidate will benefit from learning with us, and that depends on the current projects’ state and needs.