An unparalleled opportunity for smart, ambitious, and virtuous international young professionals passionate about business.

Join our world-class team in Washington D.C.

experience a Business Culture that strives for excellence in all we do.

help us scale our businesses and build new ones

Who is this opportunity for?


We value talent, drive and hard work - We hire outliers, top ambitious, smart and virtuous young professionals interested in Business that can bring to our team unique skills and talents.

This position is ideal for Business Generalists/Entrepreneurs - Many excellent people want to do Business but don't really know in which field or role specifically. In our team, you will be exposed to the big picture of business and will be asked to contribute in different roles that will allow you to grow and build skills you will be able to use all your life.

We know how important mentorship is - You will be assigned to a manager or mentor that will ensure that you both contribute immensely but learn and grow and develop your interests.


What are the requirements?

  1. University degree in any concentration, business preferred.

  2. Minimum 1 year of full time work experience.

  3. Perfectly fluent in English.

  4. We look for outliers, usually they have graduated in the top 5% of their degrees and have a history of big contributions, achievements and stories that show extraordinary ambition, smarts and integrity.


What do we offer?


A challenging position in one or several of our projects where you will contribute and learn at a very high and unusual pace. The kind of role is varied and depends on the needs of the company and the background of the Associate.

A competitive salary determined by your background and skills.

A placement with us for normally 1.5 years (the maximum allowed by the J1 visa).

Support and mentoring through the placement to make sure you learn and develop as fast as possible.


How competitive is this?


It is very competitive and most applicants don't get selected. This doesn't mean the candidates not selected are not competent. Our review process takes into consideration many variables from academic grades to background, to past work experience, attitude, motivation, references, current company and project situation etc. We only hire a candidate if we think the candidate will benefit from the program, and that depends on the current projects’ state and needs.


Can I stay in the U.S. afterwards?


This program is possible thanks to the J-1 Trainee program of the U.S. Department of State. This is a non-immigrant visa with a maximum length of 18 months. After the time is over, the candidate must return to her/his country of origin and won't be able to use another J-1 Trainee visa in the next 2 years. We will help candidates navigate through the J-1 process, and although success is not guaranteed, often J-1 Visa applications are accepted.

There are many opportunities to work for our company outside of the U.S. after the 1.5 years as well.


Do you also offer internship opportunities for non-U.S. residents without full-time work experience?


Yes, although the Associate position requires previous work experience, we also offer short-term and long-term internships in our Washington, D.C., office for international students that do not meet that requirement. Our interns display strong academic backgrounds and ambition to work in the business world. Learn more here.

Members of the SV Summer 2018 Intern Class

Members of the SV Summer 2018 Intern Class