Life gives nothing to mortals without great effort.
— Horace

The application process at Saffron Ventures is intense. Candidates that complete the entire process dedicate a total time commitment of approximately 15-18 hours of rigorous and challenging evaluation through work samples, interviews, and reference calls given by the most senior & experienced members of our team. This process is also serious commitment of our company's finances and time, so we take it very seriously. Our team members say a major reason to join us is the opportunity to work with other great people; that is not something that happens accidentally. We put in a lot of effort into selecting people to join us, precisely because we want our team to work with other great people & love what they do.

Individuals hired are deemed to be exceptional, in their drive & intelligence, consistent actions of integrity, honesty, and their desire to achieve great things. We interview for general talent, with the understanding that, at the end of the application process, the candidate will receive a specific role offer, either Intern, Analyst, Associate, Admissions Coordinator, or other role within Saffron Ventures or one of our existing organizations.

We believe that you are more than your resumé. As important as your past experiences and work background are, we believe that getting to know you through this process is the best way to assess your skills and best fit within our company. We hope you enjoy the challenging process!


Phone Call

If you’re interested in hearing more about Saffron Ventures and how you might fit in here, request to schedule a short phone call with one of our talent team members. (15 minutes)



Application Form

If we think you might be a good fit for Saffron Ventures, we will send you a link to the initial application form. During this step, you’ll submit basic background information, including your educational history, extracurricular activities, and your most recent & relevant work experience. (30 minutes)



Stage 1: Remote Application

As soon as you complete the application form, you will receive access and instructions to the Stage 1 remote application. (3-4 hours)



Stage 2: Video Interview

If you pass Stage 1, you will receive an invitation to complete Stage 2, which consists of a 30-minute video interview with a member of the Saffron team. (30 minutes)



Stage 3: Interview Day

The culmination of the application process is the full day interview at our office in Washington D.C. If you're traveling long distances, we will assist you with arranging and paying for flights and lodging. We will also ask to speak with references. If you pass this stage, we'll invite you to join the team! (10 hours)

The key to success is dedication to lifelong learning.
— Stephen Covey