Everybody possesses an accumulation of professional talent and skills, but it’s an asset which is best grown most rapidly at the beginning of your career.
— Noah Walker, Senior Global Operations Manager, Atlantis


I transform businesses from ideas into significant and sustainable ventures. I appreciate the ownership, impact, and work diversity of my position at Saffron Ventures. I get to work at a high level in strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and development.
— Eric Niehaus, Associate, Saffron Ventures
Eric leading a program in Madrid, Spain

Eric leading a program in Madrid, Spain


At Saffron Ventures, we believe that every day is an opportunity to learn. The most notable way we grow is through the steep learning curve of our day-to-day work. From day one, team members are given challenging tasks and new projects to launch. 

For some, this means joining an existing team to advance the growth of our existing companies. For others, that means launching entirely new ventures in our portfolio.

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Mary on program in Athens, Greece

Mary on program in Athens, Greece

Focused Learning Activities

In addition to the learning provided through daily work, Saffron Ventures provides the team with regular, during-hours learning opportunities. These include lunchtime seminars on business & leadership, lectures related to productivity, and skills gyms to improve efficiency. 

Learning continues after-hours with optional weekend seminar discussions, 7:00am reading groups, and enrichment activities in Washington, D.C. In addition, many of our team members are able to travel internationally on our programs during summer and winter fellowships.

There have been many opportunities for me to prove ownership & leadership that have propelled me to a Senior Admissions Coordinator and then to an Admissions Manager. Nowhere else do you see such quick growth and responsibility for someone so young in their professional career.
— Mary Bains, Admissions Manager, Atlantis



I have learned all of the hard work which goes on behind organizing a fellowship. I was able to see the inner workings of a buzzing company and how each different team — admissions, operations, promotions, and internal operations — all interact and form a cohesive company.
— Trey Mohler, University of Notre Dame
Members of the Intern Class, Summer 2018

Members of the Intern Class, Summer 2018

Community-driven excellence

From our superb internship program to our challenging and exciting full-time positions, Saffron Ventures strives for excellence in all we do. Develop professionally through 1-on-1 conversations with world-class colleagues, topical lectures in the office, and collaborative teamwork and TED Talk-style University Days, all surrounded by exceptionally talented, driven, and virtuous individuals.

Do not imitate those people who sit long at their desks but let their minds wander...half-work, which is half-rest, is good neither for rest nor for work”
— A.G. Sertillanges