SV Sprint Week

Jan 14 - 18 or Jan 28 - Feb 1


All expenses paid consulting week in D.C., including housing, meals, transportation.

Spend 5 days in formal consulting/entrepreneurship/productivity training and consulting on an entrepreneurial project.

Hosted by Saffron Ventures, a venture group full of talented people in D.C. from top schools & companies.


3 days:

of working under a McKinsey / BCG / Stanford alumnus, on a consulting case for Saffron Ventures' own companies and non-profit projects.

  • These 3 days will be a microcosm of a typical elite consulting firm project (that would normally take 3+ months) & includes a kick off meeting, division of labor, mid-way steering committee meeting with the client, and final presentation.

  • Each participant (consultant) will work and own a particular module, whether something more qualitative or more quantitative, and will be responsible for creating insight & presenting that module, just as consultants do.

  • This methodology & structure is inspired by Beacon, a Saffron Ventures company.

1.5 days:

of consulting essentials training prior to the project kick-off, emphasizing the skills most relevant in the entrepreneurial world.

  • Including: excel, powerpoint, communication feedback from an experienced interviewer, email efficiency, meeting productivity, task prioritization, 2 Stanford MBA case discussions, and the discussion of 10 major business book summaries.

0.5 days:

of networking and social activities, including 5 social or learning-driven lunches and 2 social dinners.

  • In addition to the project leader (McK/BCG/Stanford), your peers and others that you work with will all be extremely talented people.

Tentative Sprint Week Schedule


Why does Saffron Ventures offer this week-long, all expense paid program?

  1. To meet & connect talented people

  2. To actually do valuable work

  3. To contribute to the learning of future leaders