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Build • Grow • Accelerate


Our Mission

Our mission is to address needs that can be solved through business by creating companies and non-profits that are successful, ethical, valuable, challenging, and community-driven.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best place in the world for exceptional, talented people to work on CHALLENGING, innovative projects.

I’ve rarely met an unhappy successful entrepreneur but I’ve met many unhappy successful executives of large companies and partners of consulting and banking firms.

Our Culture


talent density

Our environment attracts successful professionals ready for challenging entrepreneurial work. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including the best universities, Fortune 500 companies, and top consulting firms.  

Learning curve

The learning curve at Saffron Ventures is incredibly steep and is in the 95th percentile compared to other top companies. Team members will develop skills to thrive in areas as diverse as marketing, sales, operations, and more.

Exceptional people

At Saffron Ventures, we take character seriously. Our work environment is rooted in the classical ideals of virtue. Individuals who embody integrity, honesty, and maturity will thrive in our rich company culture. 


Venture Forth.

Our goal is to hire the best people. Period.

If you’re ready for massive entrepreneurial challenge, this is the place for you.