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an ambitious, Washington, D.C. based builder, grower, and investor in businesses & organizations that are impactful & counter-cultural

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Our Mission

is To have tremendous social impact by building companies & non-profits that are counter-cultural & require our team to scale steep learning curves.


Our Vision

is to be the best place in the world for talented people to have CHALLENGING, counter-cultural, & innovative work.


Our Companies

The majority of our organizations are in the education, travel, and social impact spaces & operate in 58+ cities on 3+ continents.


 Our Culture

is characterized by 6 main pillars


We embrace the benefits of a steep learning curve

We are excited by steep learning curves, and see that as the major reason to join this company. We surround ourselves with incredible teammates, give ourselves huge challenges to work on & grow through formal learning + feedback.


We build great community internally & externally

We inspire each other by living in distinctively counter-cultural ways, making smart decisions, & setting high goals for ourselves. We aim to perform at our best & encourage others to do the same by our example & support.


we aim to have tremendous social impact

We see the positive impact productive & counter-cultural people can have on the world, especially when working together. We aim to have tremendous social impact by helping others be even more effective in their life & work.

We practice freedom & responsibility

We choose actions and behaviors that help our team to flourish & believe that order should be created by incredible people, not processes. We take ownership seriously.

we create ethical products that fit the needs of our customers

We are healthily obsessed with understanding our customer & innovate regularly to improve product-market fit in both big and small projects.

we focus on creating value

We think big, let value creation guide our decisions & practice habits to maximize it. We constantly think about the opportunity cost of our time.

I’ve rarely met an unhappy successful entrepreneur but I’ve met many unhappy successful executives of large companies and partners of consulting and banking firms.

Our Team

is comprised of 100+ ambitious & talented people who thrive in our steep learning curve environment.


talent density

Our environment attracts successful professionals ready for challenging entrepreneurial work. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including the best universities, Fortune 500 companies, and top consulting firms.  

Learning curve

The learning curve at Saffron Ventures is incredibly steep and is in the 95th percentile compared to other top companies. Team members will develop skills to thrive in areas as diverse as marketing, sales, operations, and more.

Counter Cultural

At Saffron Ventures, we take character seriously. Our work environment is rooted in the classical ideals of virtue. Individuals who embody integrity, honesty, and maturity will thrive in our rich company culture. 


 Join Us

in building businesses & organizations that are impactful & counter-cultural